Meet our team

José-Benjamin Longrée, Market Leader

José-Benjamin is member of the Country Leadership Team as Market Leader and he heads the Global Fund Distribution (GFD) department at PwC Luxembourg. With 20 years of experience in financial services, he believes information is key for business success.

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Luis Salerno, Social Media Specialist and Editor of THE BLOG

Luis is a Content Marketing enthusiast, a self-described Social Media geek. He is into UX Design and Data Visualization. He enjoys living in this digital time. He is also a sports fan and a nature lover.

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Andreia Nuno, Content Writer at PwC LuxembourgAndreia Nuno, Content Writer

Andreia is a writer and avid reader. She’s well-known because a unique hobby: she loves participating in almost all-known professional events in Luxembourg. She is a talkative, friendly and funny people-person. She is a blog writer and also performs copy writing and internal communication tasks.

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