About The Blog

Welcome to PwC Luxembourg’s The Blog!

The blog is our most effective and far-reaching communication channel to share written opinions on the market reality and trends in the different industries we serve.

We created it because we believe our opinions made in Luxembourg have value. We want to demonstrate our expertise on hot topics and business challenges, and provide potential solutions to such challenges.

We write it for anyone who might be interested, really. From decision makers to thought leaders to the every day person, our blog has an informal tone, is jargon-free and uses plain language so that everyone can understand what we are writing about. At least, we try hard to make it so.

Let’s be honest. When was the last time you were interested in a corporate blog? That’s why we do it in a tone that’s looser and a little more humorous than traditional corporate writing. Our aim is to grab your attention and not let it go.

We use storytelling as much as possible to make sure each blog’s key message comes across. After all, you (usually) remember the stories people tell you and, in turn, they remember you because of the stories you tell them.

We aim to always have a narrative to help you to learn through our stories and gain a different vision of the world. To achieve this, our content contains constructive critique, spiced up with anecdotes and incidents that we’ve experienced to give it as honest a voice as possible.

Who we are

We have a fantastic team behind The Blog. Without them, this project wouldn’t be possible!

Carla and Mary are our sharp-eyed editors. They plan, coordinate, proofread —and oftentimes write— each and every blog.

Catherine and Stéphane are our creative and talented designers who do all the mind-blowing images, graphs and infographics that go with the blog.

Marie skillfully deals with our content management system, making sure our Blog is published every week and looks neat.

Last, but not least, we count on our industry specialists to share with us their knowledge, views and solutions to make each blog as interesting as it can be.

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