Did You Know: VAT returns to be filed on the eCDF platform

As from 1 January 2017, Luxembourg taxpayers* will have to file their periodical and annual VAT returns on the eCDF platform.

The eCDF is the existing platform for electronic gathering of financial data, particularly used to file annual accounts online.

This new requirement does not apply to:

  • periodical and annual VAT returns covering a period before 2015;
  • recapitulative statements covering a period before 2017.

That said, taxpayers will still have to file these documents on the eTVA-D platform.

While taxpayers have had the option to file their VAT returns either on the eCDF or on the eTVA-D platform so far, this option will no longer apply in 2017.

As the structure of the XML files for filing on the eTVA-D platform doesn’t match the eCDF’s, we recommend developers of accounting applications to adapt their tools to generate suitable XML files.

Visit our eVATAR web page to know more

*Only taxpayers who must file monthly or quarterly returns in addition to annual VAT returns are impacted by the change of platform. Taxpayers who are filing annual VAT returns only still have the possibility to file their VAT returns on paper form.

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