Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas with these ten tips!

Christmas is upon us, and we’re all ready for a nice family time, likely more intimate and quiet, in this very particular year. 

The COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down for almost one year now and it was a wake-up call that will be hard to forget. And many have undoubtedly realised that the future of our Planet is in our hands.

Unfortunately, Christmas isn’t the most environmentally friendly holiday. The “glittery” wrapping paper we enjoy using cannot be recycled, nor can plastic packages filling our bins by the end of the evening. From all the delicious Christmas dishes we prepare, a significant amount of food ends up getting thrown away. In Luxembourg, families tend to create on average 30% more waste around the holidays than throughout the year, according to this RTL Today article

The good news is, Christmas doesn’t need to be a burden on our planet. Even when we’re in need of an extra-large dose of festive cheer this year –a weird, unexpected, ineffable, unique piece of time– we can celebrate the holidays in a way that’s less harmful to the environment. With a little effort and imagination, we can do good and feel good about our actions.  

So, for our last blog post of 2020, we decided to compile a list of eco-friendly tips for you to have a more sustainable Christmas, from gift options and decorations to low-waste meals. Don’t fret! We promise that your Christmas will be just as special, and with the additional bonus of leaving a lighter footprint on the environment and our planet.

Have we triggered your curiosity? Then, flip the cards and see for yourself!

We wish you a great and healthy Christmas and (hopefully) a cheerful 2021.

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