+10 reflections on the current technology landscape

The hype cycle of emerging technologies (see the pic below) may challenge Victor Hugo’s famous quote.

Source: Gartner, 2018

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”, he stated.

Three years ago, Fintech was a ubiquitous, almost exhausting subject. When we asked our digital intelligence platform about the evolution of it, it almost exploded. Then it was cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Now, it’s (almost) everything revolving around artificial intelligence (AI).

Have they delivered what business and society expected? Maybe yes, maybe not. However, the fact that we are using the word “maybe” is already a symptom of disillusion. The story of these tech developments hasn’t finished yet. Fortunately.

When financial services mingle with technological advancements, there is [high] risk of hype that leads to boredom, if not exhaustion. Everybody wants to be in the loop after all.

It’s recommendable to get a stake of it, but with a meaningful intention and a business goal is even better.

Some weeks ago, we attended one of the most important technology events in Luxembourg. There were dozens of speakers from countries, specialised in different fields. There were panels, key notes and demonstrations where both the public and the presenters exchanged ideas.

We noticed that a considerable part of the conversation went around AI, but also banking challenges and user experience. Blockchain was present, but less than expected.

In this article, we went through the more than almost 100 tweets we shared with our audience during the ICT Spring 2019. We actually reflected on them, and came up with 12 reflections that mirror the Luxembourg and the European tech talks nowadays.

+10 reflections on the current technology landscape
1.) Let’s remove the VR headset that have technology Armageddon scenarios
2. Technology developments are like a roller coaster. When you ride them, keep your eyes opened
3. Switch the movie! Move from i-robot to Wall-e
4. We live in the 8-second-attention-span society, and in the 8-millisecond-to-load-a-website society
5. Remember, we’ll always have Paris, and also soft skills
6. There is the financial services but banks are on the spotlight when it comes to catching up with innovation
7. Technology is walking down the runway… and visits museums as well.
8. Get experienced to design for experiences; and be open-minded
9. If mistakes make businesses get better at what they do, for some the GDPR will limit that learning experience.
10. Tech-friendly countries aren’t born, they are made.
11. The crypto-blockchain hype seems to be fading, and that’s a sign of maturity
12. Technology is too important to humanity to be left to men only.
13. Space is the final frontier… but is it?
14. Be artificial, but not superficial (or how to be AI-responsible)
15. Sustainable banking is still a baby, would it become a babe?

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