The Survival Quiz or how to beat post-holiday blues at work

I’m so happy to be back at work after my summer holidays.

Said no one ever. 

You finally took a break from work. You went on a well-deserved holiday for the summer.

Maybe it was a week or two, lying on a sun-kissed beach, in pure relaxation, while at night you explore new culinary delights… at least new to you. Perhaps your holiday was a revitalising stay close to a forest or the mountains with lots of hiking and fresh air.  Or it could be that you went on a long weekend just travelling somewhere for a change of scenery, packing as much fun as you can into a few days. 

No matter where, what human being doesn’t look forward to vacation — a week or two (or three) — exploring new cities or relaxing in a hammock on the beach and doing nothing. Sweet, sweet nothing. 

But going back to work is inevitable. That’s the hard and painful truth, no matter how much you wish your holidays won’t end, neither how much you pray your work will never start. 

Our People around here have tried unimaginable gimmicks but you may know the result.

The best recommendation is not to think about what’s waiting for us back at the office.

After going through our own fair share of post-holiday blues (and we like our careers here, it’s just hard to cross that bridge), we asked ourselves over our first get-together with a nice cappuccino-on-ice back at the office: “Is it possible to hold on to that holiday glow during the first week of work?” After a little research, we came up with the answer: yes!  Does it have to be so hard? No!

So we designed a small quiz with some practical tips that might just be the way to go if you want to avoid a mental burnout on your first week at the office.

If you’re on holiday now, or are going through your first week at work, these tips may just make all the difference. If you still have your holidays ahead of you,  this quiz will likely help you be a little more prepared once you return.

Whatever the case is, we promise we’ll make you laugh with this one. Let the games begin!

How do you ease your return to work? Share your techniques in the comments below! 

*No colleagues were hurt during the making of this quiz and we do NOT recommend hurting your colleagues.

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