How to set up a Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)

The Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIF) grants fund managers an additional opportunity to set up a new form of Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). While RAIF combines the features and structuring flexibilities of existing regulated vehicles in Luxembourg, it is not subject to CSSF supervision. We put together practical information to set …

Did you know: RAIF

The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (“RAIF”) is a Luxembourgish fund structure that doesn’t need the Regulator’s approval or supervision. With a time-to-market significantly shorter than similar CSSF-regulated structures, the RAIF always needs to appoint an external authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM).

Private Equity trends: Fortune favours the nimble

Private Equity (PE) continues to be the rising star of alternative investment strategies. Fund-raising statistics show nothing but positive results and the deals market remains very active. Although PE players will be expected to navigate through various regulatory and market changes in the next year, the outlook promises to be …

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