Distributed ledger tech shapes a new fund-distribution model

Advising, identifying, instructing, acknowledging, processing, checking, confirming, monitoring, reconciling, reporting, storing, regulating, auditing – the fund-distribution value chain is complex and has many intermediaries. Distributed ledger technologies are, however, bringing about a new business model for the asset management industry.

Did you know: RAIF

The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (“RAIF”) is a Luxembourgish fund structure that doesn’t need the Regulator’s approval or supervision. With a time-to-market significantly shorter than similar CSSF-regulated structures, the RAIF always needs to appoint an external authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM).

Real estate: 3 new market realities in 2017 (video)

Socio-demographic factors, technology and operational alternatives already shape the real estate market in Europe. The sharing economy shifts the focus from products to services, technology changes business models and social infrastructure becomes the investors’ new sweetheart. Check our experts’ views on coming opportunities.

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