Six AI priorities you can’t afford to ignore

The future of AI is here.

Once the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is now not only a fact of science but a fact in our daily lives. It’s certainly an inescapable subject in the business agenda.

With a global market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, artificial intelligence is poised to have a transformative effect on society, the consumer, business, education, governments, and markets around the world.

AI has the potential to assist in medical breakthroughs, democratise costly services, elevate poor customer service, and even free up an overburdened workforce.  

The story of AI is an exciting one, but it’s not without challenges. Trust and Ethics are two main issues that need to be addressed carefully so that we build a world of safe and responsible AI.

The story of AI is not just one of technological victories. It has to be a story of humanity as well, a common tale of how humans and machines interact and how this will transform life.

We’re living such a key date in the World’s timeline. It’s now when countries all over the world are designing AI strategies.

In this article, we walk you through key milestones in the history of AI by means of an interactive and enjoyable timeline. Similarly, we list the six aspects business want to bear in mind when betting on AI-powered technology.

The ultimate AI Timeline

Who said AI is a new thing? True, it has gone mainstream nowadays but it has been around for decades. As many technological developments, it was triggered by the urgency of war. 

Alain Touring, the reportedly prosecuted gay scientist and mathematician, has a lot do with the taking off of this exciting matter. He broke the code that allowed the allies to understand German secret messages. To some, the outcome of the war and, consequently, the history of the world would have been totally different without his achievement.  

But what happened next? 

Take some time to explore the interactive timeline below: 

Six AI priorities you can’t afford to ignore

Artificial intelligence is growing exponentially.

The contribution of this technology to the global economy could reach up to 15.7 trillion euros by 2030, with opportunities for innovation and productivity improvement, according to our PwC Survey. 

There is little room for leaving AI technology behind.

Businesses that do not adopt it, or are afraid to take the plunge, could see their market share shrink significantly and their business models become obsolete.

Running AI in Pilot Mode needs a deadline. It’s AI throughout the business, providing ROI today and leadership for the economy of tomorrow that will make the difference.

We propose Six AI priorities for businesses to lead the AI race. Use these cards to discover them! 

What we think
Thierry Kremser, Data Analytics and AI Partner at PwC Luxembourg
Thierry Kremser, Data Analytics and AI Leader at PwC Luxembourg

It’s an organisational transformation, which concerns each of the collaborators. We must be able to train employees, mainly the younger generations, to embark on this path towards AI, to implement the coming revolution. It is at the level of the company as a whole that we must succeed in innovating.

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