A short corporate blog story (The rest is yet to be written)

We remember the Christmas decorations in Crystal Park’s atrium when we launched THE BLOG. Red and pearled cones hung from the glass ceiling, 35 meters above our heads. Sipping a hot coffee and smiling we celebrated that small (but great) achievement. It’s such a nice feeling, praising small things simply because that nice feeling lingers in your mind.

The Christmas decorations this year don’t include cones, but rather a huge white tree and life size teddy bears dressed in trendy, elegant clothes. Gently, they seem to look at us from the first floor when we walk through the atrium.

That’s what we aim at every week when we publish a new blog article.

Why we prefer a spicy corporate blog

We want your eyes, young or experienced, to lock in to the lines we write, because we’re committed with you. Corporate blogs are a dime a dozen, but the one we decided to create had to be spicy, it had to sound like two people talking on a park bench. Maybe we don’t always get it right, but boy do we try.

We want you to learn, to enjoy, to feel amazed, or even to feel angry. Angry is okay because it inspires debate, and debating is a good source of new ideas. Although we love the actual flavour of vanilla, we don’t want to write vanilla articles, the ones that produce the same empty feeling when you read them thoroughly or when you skim through them. Your time is valuable, your reading time has to be worth it.

Two years later and the red and pearled cones of the past have gone. Happily, THE BLOG is still here, safe and sound. Monthly readers are growing and, internally, we get more and more requests for a time slot in the editorial calendar. We couldn’t be any happier!

We still remember the first article. The style, the tone, the length, the format, was it ideal? We’ve learnt a lot since THE BLOG’s inception and the learning process won’t be gone any time soon. On the contrary, we want to try new ideas, write about new subjects, and add more storytelling. We aim at entertaining you even more! And if we can get a laugh out of you once in a while, we know we are heading in the right direction.

Happy second anniversary to THE BLOG! This year, we celebrate with a nice video.

T H A N K   Y O U !

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