Before attacking the fruitcake, here’s the 2018 memory game you should take!

2018 was a year full of challenges, changes and hot topics. Rain, snow and 351 days after, you might have a hard time remembering some of the events that made 2018 unforgettable. If that’s your case, don’t worry dear reader. We’ve got you covered! But before knowing how, let’s take a trip to our childhood to let our mind imagine the impossible, Christmas scenarios seasoned with the pepper of our current times. For example, we came up with this one.

When Santa flew driverless and Rudolph got mad

On an unusually warm night in the North Pole, Santa Claus is sitting at his desk with a cup of coldish chocolate and a small plate of freshly baked cookies. With his hand on his forehead, Santa struggles to organise a not-so-GDPR-compliant Christmas list. The winds of digital change kindly invited him to move from letters to emails, because the new generations see paper-based messages as Pleistocene.  Then the GDPR came, and the chatbots, and…”Give me a break, he said to Rudolph several times a day”.

Indeed, friendly elfish chatbots (an exclusive North Pole product) now process and answer childrens’ messages and Santa can only deliver presents to those that opted in to his Christmas Newsletter, now mobile-friendly. This will leave millions of children with no gift on Christmas Eve, and some adult believers too. Usually, Santa’s end-of-the-year tasks have a few unexpected challenges, but GDPR is definitely the marshmallow on top of his cold chocolate. As client and user demands for a better and faster delivery service grow everywhere – the UX fever, he calls it – he was left with no other choice but to switch for a driverless sleigh and to reduce the number of reindeers pulling it. What do you think happened? The reindeers didn’t take the change lightly, of course, and went on a strike: Four of them are fighting unemployment and the rest are supporting them. Santa has to negotiate, committing to improve their other skills and help them find a different job. Humans call it upskilling nowadays.

Santa sighs tiredly, sipping his chocolate and leaning back in his chair. He never considered how time consuming and effortful the GDPR hot breeze would be and now he’s struggling with the New Year’s goal he set for himself in 2017: to do at least one action per SDGs*. When he finally figures out what to do with the 16th – after that only one will be missing, when can he find the time to go for it?  

Yes, we know, it’s pure ironic fantasy, but it takes elements from our reality with which you might identify. This is the best time of the year to laugh out loud! Would you dare to come up with a Christmas scenario?

Coming back to our promise to help you remember the main events of 2018, we came up with a little but fun game: memory!

The two memory games consist of 12 cards each, facing down. The objective is to match each card containing a keyword and a small image with the correct concept or message. The challenge is to do so in the shortest time and the smallest number of card turnings. If you followed our articles throughout the year this will be easy-peasy. If you didn’t follow us, it’s the perfect opportunity to review some of the major topics of 2018.

The challenge is served. Happy holidays!

Want to more? Challenge your knowlege on the second game and another set of crucial events and keywords.

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