How much do you know about Artificial Intelligence?

Playing is always good, especially this time of the year. Last week our blog post was a memory game highlighting the most conspicuous facts that kept us busy in 2018.

More than the GDPR fog before May 25, or the new VAT Grouping regime voted in July, there was an algorithmic-related topic that stole the front page of printed and digital media, and it was a widespread topic on social media.

We decided, then, to celebrate capodanno – or the New Year – with a game dedicated to artificial intelligence! Yes, you’ve got it right.

Artificial intelligence, a busybody to take seriously

Indeed, throughout the year, AI was omnipresent in the news, events, movies, work lunches, family gatherings or discussions with friends one way or another, because of its impact on the economy and society.

From “threat to employment” or “it could become a surveillance and control tool”, to discussing the role of social networks play in democratic processes, driverless cars,  last-mile delivery optimization model with drones, or governance, AI gave us reasons for warm conversations and debates.

We have taken advantage of this wave, to put together another game for you. This time, it includes short, vivid flash cards on AI-related concepts. Could you guess the correct keyword, or you need some deep learning and automated help?

Good luck with the augmented robotic gang and see you next year!



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