BEPS-compliant IP box Bill put forward in August

The Government updated the Intellectual Property (IP) regime to comply with EU and international tax standards while preserving the country’s competitiveness. The new IP box Bill takes into account the “modified nexus” approach and, if enacted, will become effective in 2018. What stays the same? Eligible net income from qualifying …

10 business trends to watch in 2017 – Costs reduction (5/10)

Almost a decade after the global financial crisis, financial institutions still have to cut costs to contain the low growth, low margin and highly-regulated environment. Outsourcing and offshoring have helped in the past, but they’re no longer enough. Businesses must now turn to technology and digitalisation to move forward.

10 business trends to watch in 2017 – Blockchain (2/10)

Blockchain is one of the most exciting—and more misunderstood—emerging technologies. It essentially offers a decentralised ledger of all transactions across a network. When a transaction occurs, everyone on the network knows about it. It’s tamper-proof and virtually instantaneous. This has real disruptive implications for the financial industry, which today uses …

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