First reactions to the new tax rules for intra-group financing

Luxembourg introduced new intra-group financing rules on 1 January 2017. While industry players have been caught off guard, they’re now analysing the new transfer pricing rules and how to implement them. Watch the interview of Loek de Preter, PwC Luxembourg Transfer Pricing Leader, commenting on how the market reacted and how to comply.

10 business trends to watch in 2017 – Blockchain (2/10)

Blockchain is one of the most exciting—and more misunderstood—emerging technologies. It essentially offers a decentralised ledger of all transactions across a network. When a transaction occurs, everyone on the network knows about it. It’s tamper-proof and virtually instantaneous. This has real disruptive implications for the financial industry, which today uses …

10 business trends to watch in 2017 – Artificial Intelligence (1/10)

Businesses that are watching the trends and changes of 2017 will be able to quickly implement new tools and strategies for greater success. While some trends are in their infancy, others are mainstream. In our new series, we have a weekly look at the business trends that will help drive growth in …

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